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Friday, December 7, 2007

Windows Command Prompt - copy

How to copy text from the Windows Command Prompt which is used to make quick operating system commands and run some programs like console java programs.

1. open command prompt by typing Cmd in the menu or clicking 'Command Prompt' in the Start / Programs/ Accessories menu .

2. Right click on the caption (title) of the Command Prompt (or MS-DOS) window to bring up its popup menu. Then select Edit then press Mark in the popup menu.

3.Place the mouse over the Command Prompt (or MS-DOS) window. Press and hold the left mouse button. Use the mouse to drag out an area of the window to select. When the correct area is selected release the mouse button. If you make a mistake, you can release the mouse button and repeat this step to try again until you get the correct area.
In image the word data in the 3rd line will not be copied as its not selected (need to drag the mouse more to the right - if you started from the left)

4. After marking, the text should remain selected, now again right click on the caption (title/ top part) of the window to bring up its popup menu. Then select Edit then Copy in the popup menu. The text will no longer be selected.

5. Go to your text editing program or notepad/ email editor and choose menu Edit- Paste (Ctrl+V on the keyboard- quicker).

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